Data Conversion and Training


One of the most common complaints about changing to new software is the difficulty of the learning curve, and the pain associated with the conversion process.

At Virtual Resort Manager, we have built our business plan around designing a process which minimizes the difficulty often associated with the conversion process.

We start by assigning your trainer/installation coordinator on day one. Then we carefully study your business model to insure that we understand how you want your money to flow, and how you want your processes to work.

We test all of the money flow processes, as well as the functionality of reservations, rates, work orders, disbursements, owner's statements, and all of the other aspects of the program. In the meantime, our data management staff converts owners, vendors, properties and future reservations to the VRM system.

Our web department integrates your existing website to use the VRM reservations functionality, or we design a new web site from the beginning if needed.

Training is complete and comprehensive, covering all aspects of the system, including reservations, housekeeping, work orders, accounting and more.

Our involvement does not end there. Your trainer stays in close contact with you over the coming weeks to make sure that you are running the program effectively and your accounts begin and end in balance.

While conversion is never easy, at Virtual Resort Manager we do everything we can to make the process as smooth and comfortable at possible. Ask our existing clients.