How To Make an Ironclad Marketing Plan for Your Most Successful Year Yet

how-to-create-a-marketing-strategyVRM marketing department gives you the tips for success!

November 2016's edition of Tea with Brittany Lea was all about marketing! We met with Saad Malik, VRM's very own SEO marketing manager, and he uncovered some of the best marketing strategies for your 2017 rental season. Saad had some awesome advice for us all including: making sure your tags are updated, getting your blogging and evergreen content updated and published out to your fans and renters, how to monitor reviews and brand chatter to get more customers, and I topped it all off with some of my favorite email marketing advice!

Over all, it was a great time and we learned a lot. If you didn't have a chance to attend yesterday we made sure to get the recording for you, so you can watch it and see what you missed, It will be just like you were there!

If you need help with you marketing services, get in touch with the team at VRM!

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