Useful Tips on Welcome Home & Discounts You Need to Know

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! While this is traditionally deemed a more "unlucky" day of the year we are bringing you all sorts of goodies to help combat any negative energy you might be feeling to ensure you feel like you lucked out today instead! Yesterday, we went over Welcome Home, both the lite and complete versions of the tool, as well as Yield Management! These VRM tools could save you some serious time and money. This 40 minute tutorial from Lauren and Michael of VRM talks about how some of our other customers are using Welcome Home and our awesome Discount Features to increase sales and re-bookings year over year. So if you had a rough 2016, or you are ready to grow your business and customer relationships to the next level watch this webinar and let us know if we can help! Did we mention both of these tools are FREE?

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