Features and Benefits of VRM

Our Mission is to provide excellent Vacation Rental Management software systems, marketing services, web site development, and customer support to an expanding client base. In order for us to do this, we listen to what our clients need and enhance our software package to include features they request to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. With each feature we develop, we are adding one more piece to our rental management software package. Each new item fits in and works with our basic system and is designed to do so seamlessly. The more we develop, the more our puzzle grows. This makes us front to back, feature for feature, the finest rental management system in the industry today.

Welcome Home

Welcome Home will permit you to make property specific information available to your guest. Through the Guest ExtraNet (no special app required), you can configure any information you wish, such as check-in time, lock codes, area attractions, entertainment center information, and so forth. The system also provides the ability to text and email information to the guest, such as "Your unit is ready for check in,” "Check out time is tomorrow at 10 am,” "The surf is hazardous today,” or "Molly’s Restaurant has a special tonight.”

You benefit by reducing the cost of interacting with your guest and by providing a unique and better guest experience.

Integrated Content Management System (CMS)

Our CMS allows you to update your BookEasy website.

You benefit by reduced costs associated with website management.


Guest, Owner and Travel Agent ExtraNets provide configurable access. Guests are able to view their reservations, add extras, purchase travel insurance, sign documents, apply payments, and more. Owners can see property calendars, owner statements, and work orders. Additionally they can book their properties for themselves and guests. Travel agents can search properties and book on-line.

You benefit by reducing the time interacting with these groups and by improving user experience.

Historical Data Tracking

Employee actions are recorded and tracked in key areas of the system.

You benefit by being able to identify specific employee actions and in having added protection against fraud.

Enterprise Data Management

With VRM, your data is housed in a discrete database on state-of-the-art servers in our network operations center located in Atlanta, GA, with a redundant backup in Louisville, KY.

You benefit by having the best possible security protection for your system, by always having the most up to the minute backups available, and by eliminating substantial costs associated with IT management.

24/7/365 System Support

VRM provides full customer support during normal business hours eastern time. Off hours, VRM always has two representatives assigned to call duty to provide emergency support. Normal response time is less than 30 minutes.

You benefit by being able to reach us at any time, day or night.

Paperless Office

VRM provides the ability to manage your office with far less paper. The ExtraNets discussed below allow many transactions, including lease execution and initial payment, to be accomplished electronically.

You benefit by closing the sale more quickly, by reducing the cost of mailing documents, and by minimizing personnel costs.

Owner Websites

We can provide you with individual websites for each of your owners' properties. Owner websites come complete with a property detail page, and allow your owner's guests to book directly through the VRM system.

You benefit by having better control over the guest-of-owner booking process, by maintaining better calendar integrity, and by helping to protect your commission revenue.

The Vacation Bridge

VRM uses The Vacation Bridge to update our channel partners with your current property information, including photos, availability calendars, and more. Partners include HomeAway / VRBO, FlipKey/Trip Advisor, Inntopia, Resorts and Lodges, Cottage Country, and many others.

You benefit by being able to control the properties you feed, having your property information up-to-date at all times, and eliminating the tedious process of updating multiple on-line booking sites.

The Vacation Bridge Auto-responder

When you receive a lead from an integrated booking site such as FlipKey or Homeaway, the guest receives a response almost immediately with a custom email providing property information, rates, availability, and links taking the guest directly to your property detail page for booking. Leads can be tracked in our exclusive lead management system.

You benefit by getting to the guest in the shortest possible time, by reducing staff levels in processing leads, and by increased conversion rates.

Travel Agent Management

VRM provides the ability to specify which properties are available to a travel agent, and to adjust rates to include the travel agent commission (net to management company). Travel agent commissions can be pre-deducted, or calculated as a payment from management. Our travel agent website functionality allows the agent to present your properties under the agent's branding.

You benefit by capturing the travel agent commission in the rent charged and by providing your properties with a unique marketing position.

Automated Accounting Processes

VRM performs most routine accounting functions automatically each night. Once a reservation is checked out, associated funds establish payables according to the system configuration and are ready for disbursal when you are.

You benefit by the reduced workload.

Advanced Work (service) Order System

VRM provides a robust and flexible work order management system that makes tracking maintenance easy. Work orders can be originated and emailed directly to the vendor scheduled to do the job. Multiple vendors can be assigned to the same work order. Management charges can be assigned to the work order and disbursed to the management company as part of the process. IRS expense codes can be assigned to each work order, and a year-end report itemizing those expenses can be supplied to the owner's accountant to aid in tax preparation. Work orders can be displayed on the Owners ExtraNet. The source of funds used to pay the work order is selectable.

You benefit by ease of entry and tracking, by the single entry accounting process, and by the enhanced owner experience.

Operating Account Integration

VRM is a classic escrow funds accounting system. Most companies utilize third party accounting systems, such as Quick Books or Peachtree, to track funds in their operating accounts. Management funds paid from VRM integrate directly into the structure of your operating account as income items.

You benefit by directly tracking income from your reservations stream, and by avoiding the co-mingling of funds.

Flexible Rate Structure

VRM provides the means to price rentals in various ways, providing for multiple seasons, minimum stays, specified turn days, and other criteria. Rates can be based on nightly, weekly, or monthly stays, and properly pro-rate as the reservation crosses seasons.

You benefit by having the flexibility to create rates in virtually any way that you wish.

Flexible Charging Structure

VRM provides the means to structure additional charges, such as housekeeping fees, in various ways. Charges can be added to the guest folio (Guest Charge), taken from the owner account (Owner Charges), subtracted from management commissions (Management Charges), or built into the rent (Rent Adjustments). Management up charges can be incorporated, and commissions can be calculated on net or gross.

You benefit by having almost infinite ways to structure and manage your additional charges.

Non-rental Unit Management

VRM provides the ability to manage units that are not part of your rental program.

You benefit by having the ability to provide full services to owners who are not renting their units through your program.

Employee Permissions System

VRM gives you the ability to regulate access to the various parts of the system by employee. Permissions are easily structured for each employee, and allow you to choose an overall role (reservationist) and then fine tune (can this employee access accounting reports).

You benefit by being able to customize access according to the needs of the company and the skill level of the employee.

Reservation Hooked Emails

VRM provides a series of automatic emails which can be scheduled to be sent at various stages of the reservation life. Emails can be sent to thank guests for making the reservation, reminding them of payments due, providing area information prior to arrival, thanking them after departure and so forth.

You benefit by having the capability to "touch" your guest multiple times without an added increase in human resources.

Flexible Reporting System

The VRM system provides almost 300 Reports, permitting you to thoroughly analyze your performance. Our integration with Microsoft Reporting Services allows reports to be created for virtually any purpose, and can allow data "dumps" of specified fields, which can then be used by the client to build special reporting outside of the system.

You benefit by having almost infinite capability to generate the types of reports you need to properly manage your business.

Automated Guest Survey

VRM's guest survey can be provided to guests via one of our Reservation Hooked Emails. Questions in the survey are configurable, and results are tabulated to provide performance results at both the property and company levels. Guest comments can be displayed on the website as reviews, and star ratings based on the results can be calculated and displayed.

You benefit by having direct feedback from your guests, and by employing that feedback to help manage your owners and employees. Results can also be utilized as part of your on-line marketing efforts.

Discount Functionality

Discounts can be programmed into the system and applied automatically according to specified criteria, manually by the reservationist, or by the entry of a discount code during the on-line booking process. Use of discounts can be tracked for later evaluation. Discounts can be displayed on your BookEasy website (usually $1000, now $800, save $200).

You benefit by being able to effectively manage the use of discounts to enhance bookings.

Guest Loyalty Program

VRM allows you to award points to your guests based on dollars spent, and to reward those guests with premiums that you specify.

You benefit by encouraging repeat stays.

Videos and Virtual Tours

The VRM system allows for the inclusion of property videos and virtual tours on your BookEasy website.

You benefit by providing the guest with an enhanced web experience.

Property Comparison Charts

Guests can download comparison charts which allow them to view property features in a side-by-side format.

You benefit by having fewer questions directed to your reservationists.

Favorite Properties Carts and Emails

Guests can select up to six properties and email the results of their search to others. Groups are thus able to plan their vacation together while viewing a common list of available homes. You receive a copy of the email sent.

You benefit by providing an intuitive selection process for your guests, and by identifying which properties are being viewed and by whom.

Email Marketing

Mailing lists can be generated directly from your VRM guest/prospect database. These lists can be filtered by a number of criteria including stay dates, and can be further filtered to eliminate guests who are already holding reservations for a particular time period. Marketing emails can be created with the built-in WYSIWYG editor and mailed directly from VRM, or the lists can be exported to third-party services such as Constant Contact.

You benefit by having the ability to easily direct your marketing efforts to specifically defined groups.

Fully Integrated Websites

With a seamless on-line booking engine, our websites can be configured as BookEasy sites or on our cutting edge BookEasy Responsive web design platform. In either case, your site is designed to make navigation as intuitive as possible, and to work seamlessly with your back end database.

You benefit by eliminating double entry, reducing download times, and providing greater user and owner satisfaction.