Manage Your Vacation Rentals

Virtual Resort Manager provides a complete and fully integrated Vacation Rental Management solution for companies of virtually any size. Based on our Rock-Solid accounting back end, the system is both user-friendly and intuitive, and provides all of the functionality you need to efficiently manage your vacation rental management business.

  • The escrow accounting system is reservation/property based, and meets the rigorous requirements for approval by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.
  • Scheduling and paying your housekeepers is simplified, using our integrated reports and unique payment tracking system.
  • Work orders are easily generated, and can be added to the housekeeping schedule, as needed. Payment to vendors can be assigned directly to a reservation, or charged to any account in the system.
  • Reporting of expenses to owners is structured according to IRS requirements, with the system generating both 1009s and accountant's reports at year end. Credit card transactions are PCI compliant, and are smooth and intuitive on both the management console and the public web site.
  • Over 150 useful reports allow you to analyze the performance of your business, and track the flow of money. In addition, our Reporting Services module allows the creation of custom reports, so that you can monitor specialized areas of your company.
  • Our web-based system allows you to control employee access using our advanced permissions system. And, you can manage your business with any internet-connected computer, anywhere in the world, using Internet Explorer 6.0 or above.
  • With VRM, there is no need for on-site servers and related networking, eliminating a host of hardware and security issues, often resulting in a substantial reduction of costs.
  • Our customer support is second to none, with a team of specialists trained to assist you in managing the software and developing strategies to enhance your bottom line.
  • A whole host of marketing solutions allows you to book on-line, and to reach millions of potential renters through our third-party portal interfaces. VRM's exclusive BookEasy web sites provide the on-line searcher with a smooth and easy-to-understand experience. And, our Search Marketing Department can help you enhance organic search engine rankings, and manage pay-per-click advertising.
  • We view each client as a partner, with the future of our company inextricably linked with theirs.

Overall, we believe Virtual Resort Manager to be a viable and sensible solution for any Vacation Rental Management company ready to take the next step in management solutions. We are literally "cutting edge," and are built on platforms which will keep us in front of the curve for the foreseeable future. To learn more, contact us for an on-line demo.