How to Survive the Holidays in Your Office

How to Survive the Holidays in Your Office | Virtual Resort Manager

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, there is a month ahead full of planning, shopping, fun, and stress. Many of you will have holiday parties, parades, and pageants to attend. This is in addition to doing extra work at the office to ensure that everything is taken care of so you can be off for the holidays. Part of being prepared for the increased activity and extra full calendar means implementing a few tips and tricks to help you make it through this time of year with minimized stress.

We have done everything we can to offer you vacation rental management software that makes planning and processes a breeze. At Virtual Resort Manager we take great pride in our cutting edge features and partner integrations that make your business run smoother. Today, we are pulling a few non-software items out of our tool box that you may find useful. 

Keep Yourself Healthy

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Stay Hydrated

The most important thing that you can do for yourself over the holidays is to stay well hydrated. When you drink plenty of water, your body has a better chance of fighting off viruses, keeping headaches at bay, and more. Keep a water bottle with you at all times, and be sure to drink at least half your body weight in ounces each day. Limiting alcoholic drinks is another way to help you stay hydrated.  

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Take Your Vitamins

Why is it so hard to remember to take your vitamins? If you can get in the habit of taking your daily vitamins, this is a great way to keep yourself primed for great health. A good quality multi-vitamin can help boost your immune system and give you more energy. Adding Vitamin C, elderberry syrup, and other immune boosters to your daily routine is always a good idea, especially during cold and flu season. 

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Move a Little

As the weather gets chilly, it may become more and more difficult for you to "get your steps in" for the day. However, for those who sit at a desk for long periods of time, a walking or stretching break could mean a big difference in your well being. Set your alarm to go off twice a day, and give yourself at least a five minute break to get the blood flowing to your extremities and to stretch your back!

Stay Organized and Save Time

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Make a List & Check it Twice

Some people prefer traditional pen and paper when it comes to keeping notes. However, there are wonderful apps and online tools that can help keep your to-do and shopping lists organized. Wouldn't it be great to always have your lists on hand. You can use the Notes app on your phone, leave yourself a voice memo, or download an application like Evernote. All of these are excellent ways to get your work tasks and your personal responsibilities organized so that you don't overlook anything. Keeping lists and updated your calendar will also help you to organize and prioritize your time. 

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Use Online Shopping

Online shopping can be useful on a personal level and at the office. Whether you have to pick out a $20 gift for the office holiday party or if you need to order office supplies, online shopping can save you time and help you stay organized. Take a look at the lists you just made, and see if any of those items can be checked off via online ordering. In some cases, you may still have to make a trip to the store for pick-up, while other things may be able to be delivered straight to your door. How are you already using online shopping in your office to make better use of time?

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Just Say "NO"

Be realistic about the tasks you commit yourself to both in and out of the office. Feeling overwhelmed can lead to a short temper and a weakened immune system. When communicating with your team members, set clear priorities together so that you can each manager your time wisely. If your plate is already full, then it may not be the right time to volunteer to make thirteen cheesecakes and twenty-three dozen cookies. Say "yes" to the things that really matter and are of the highest priority. Please remember that your "yes" is very valuable, and so is the "yes" of your co-workers.

Be an A+ Office

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Depending on your job position, you may be able to delegate a few responsibilities during this busy time of year. It may become important to your vacation rental management office to hire additional part-time help or even a virtual assistant. Sharing the load and dividing tasks is a great way to make it through the holiday season without feeling as if the weight of the office in on your shoulders. 

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Teamwork is the Dreamwork

Sharing the burden of tasks and operating as a team is central to the reality of an amazing office staff. Respecting each others daily duties and end-of-year tasks will help to keep eye-rolls and frustrations to a minimum. We believe that our vacation rental management software makes your end-of-year accounting a breeze, which should be a huge relief for your office team! 

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Communicate Well

If your team does not have an efficient and affective system of communication, now is the time to start! Be clear in communicating with your officemates, whether it is regarding your PTO or who is bringing the meatballs to the office party. Be sure to "reply all" to emails and "copy" your whole team on important memos. At this time of year it is vital that everyone is on the same page.

Whether you are a reservation assistant or the owner of a large vacation rental company, your time and position matters. You are part of a team that must work together to ensure guests the highest level of customer service and the best vacation rental experience in the business. 

To do this, especially during the busy holiday season, each person must respect the traditions, backgrounds, and cultures of their employees and co-workers. It is also important to remember the everyone has a different set of personal priorities, which means everyone's holiday looks a little different. 

At the end of the day ... each member of your team is valuable and you each have one common goal, despite your job description. The guest and their vacation comes first. 

Here at Virtual Resort Manager, we thank you for allowing us to be a part of your team and to be one piece of the puzzle to offering your guests the very best. Thank you for letting us be a part of your team! As one of our vacation rental management software, website, or marketing clients, we wish you and your entire office the happiest of holidays!

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How to Survive the Holidays in Your Office | Virtual Resort Manager

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