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The Faces Behind Virtual Resort Manager As a company, Virtual Resort Manger (VRM) has the privilege of serving over 100 software clients and 17 marketing clients. Because of the virtual space in which our vacation management software business op... View the full post »

The Best Houskeeping Tool That Will Make Your Life Easier

Cleaning issues got you down? This Episode of Tea with Brittany Lea is especially exciting for us here at VRM. We just finished up an integration with ResortCleaning and it couldn't have gone off more smoothly! Jim gave us a full walk through of how to use and connect y... View the full post »

How to Easily Master Your 1099's in VRM

We all know what time it is...even if we don't want to admit it. As the Christmas holiday is fast approaching, so is TAX TIME! It is time to focus your time and attention to pulling tax reports and information. Here at Virtual Resort Manager, our vacation re... View the full post »