See How You Benefit From the Key Data Dashboard and VRM Relationship

VRM Insider Webinar with Key Data Dashboard | Virtual Resort Manager

As a vacation rental manager, have you ever tried to problem solve decreased revenue or occupancy? Do you have the right tools in your tool belt to diagnose market trends and how they affect your bottom line? Have you ever tried to explain to an owner why revenue is down over the previous year? In this real estate webinar series designed specifically for the travel industry, we are exploring those questions and more with Key Data Dashboard.

This Business Intelligence tool was developed for vacation rental managers by vacation rental managers. The Key Data Dashboard owners have experienced each of the above challenges and have found a solution with their benchmarking tool that provides clear, easy to understand visibility into all the core performance metrics that drive your vacation rental business.

Hold onto your hats as we dive into a live presentation with Key Data Dashboard's CEO, Jason Sprenkle. Click the replay below for an hour of mind-blowing data that your company may be missing out on. Be sure to watch to the end for a special announcement for Virtual Resort Manager clients. 

When you are ready to access your own Key Data Dashboard, you can email [email protected]. Be sure to mention you watched the webinar!

There is no need to to "wing it" any longer. You can have the data that matters at your fingertips, presented in a way that allows you to make crucial decisions regarding your business at a glance. 

Key Webinar Takeaways

# 1

Key Data Dashboard was built to solve problems and answer questions that the vacation rental manager faces on a daily basis.


The owners of Key Data Dashboard are using it EVERYDAY (as a vacation rental manager), and are working to improve it daily.


One of the main goals of Key Data Dashboard is to take of the data for the vacation rental management company and put it into one easy to use format.


Key Data Dashboard gathers market information to help you maximize your business via data comparison and Key Performance Indicators.

# 5

Key Data Dashboard has on-boarded 310 PM's since May, offering benchmark data.


Your data and sensitive information is protected and can not be reverse engineered. 

What to Expect from the VRM/Key Data Relationship

Full Integration

You can sign-up for Key Data Dashboard today, and it is fully integrated with the VRM Software system. Within weeks, the integration will include log-in directly from the VRM Admin Console!

Discount Functionality

To accomplish revenue management, use DISCOUNTS in the VRM Software system. Click here to learn more about this VRM functionality. 

VRM Insider Webinar with Key Data Dashboard | Virtual Resort Manager

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