VRM Insider, How to Protect the Industry & Support the Right to Rent

VRM Insider, How to Protect the Industry & Support the Right to Rent

As a vacation rental manager, you are an active and important player in the travel industry. The vacation rental industry saw many uncertain days, weeks, and months over the last few years. What would the pandemic do to the industry? How would increasing legislation and ordinances affect your business?

Great news! We want to invite you to participate in an opportunity to help safeguard your business against laws & legislation with minimal effort and cost. VRM, as your vacation rental software provider, has created an integration with a program where you can help make an impact on local and national legislation affecting our industry. 

This powerful program, powered by Inhabit IQ and sponsored by VRMA, is called Right to Rent


Join us as we ask, "How do property managers protect the vacation rental industry and support the right to rent?" Our guests will be leading industry experts, Scott Leggat and Tiffany Edwards. They will help us answer a few questions and give an in-depth look at why EVERY property manager should be participating in VRMA's Right to Rent program.

CLICK HERE for Right to Rent FAQ's PDF

CLICK HERE for Right to Rent One-Page Flyer PDF

Miller Hawkins, VRM client and VRMA President, has invited you to reach out to him at any time with your Right to Rent questions. [email protected]

How do you set up right to rent in vrm?

Great question! Click below and fast forward to minute mark 48:00 to watch a step-by-step video on how to set up the Right to Rent program for your company. This is also a fantastic video to watch in full for more information about Rent to Rent and to hear more from Miller Hawkins.

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