VRM Key Takeaways from the 2019 VRMA Spring Forum

VRM Key Takeaways from the 2019 VRMA Spring Forum | Virtual Resort Manager

In case you did not get a chance to attend the 2019 VRMA Spring Forum in Charlotte, we have recapped our experience for you. Virtual Resort Manager was in attendance to represent our vacation rental management software. With seven employees at the conference, we were able to meet with a few of our clients and several industry partners. In addition, we attended various sessions where we learned about vacation rental hot topics.

Our April 2019 VRM Insider was especially for our VRM software clients who were not able to attend the conference. Connie Hill, Lauren Schreckengost, Tammy Taylor, and Tracy Sanderson presented a live webinar to recap the Spring Forum for you. Below you will find a full playback of the webinar. Grab a notepad and pen... and get ready to take notes. We have packed this hour with great information straight from the industry experts! 


VRM's CFO, Connie Hutchins, talks us through the high points of the show from a management perspective and tell us a little about VRM's presence. 

II. Housekeeping

Lauren recaps Managing a Housekeeping Department - The Toughest Job You Will Ever Love. This session was presented by Durk Johnson.

III. Hot Topics

Join us as we walk through the topics of Revenue Management and OTA's... two points of great interest at the Spring Forum. 

IV. Marketing

Do you want to accelerate revenue with effective storytelling and content marketing? Are you renting units or selling vacations? Peter Scott and Doug Kennedy each presented excellent sessions on the topics. Tracy Sanderson, VRM's Director of Marketing recaps the discussion for you.

V.  Employees

Lauren helps us understand "How to Find, Excite, Engage and WOW Employees" via a session that was presented by Sue Jones. Get a few tips on how to build a healthy company through great employees. 

VI.  Vacation Rental Managers Speak Out

We have learned so much from listening to what YOU, the vacation rental manager, had to say. Most of the VRM attendees sat in on two different round table discussions with a few of your fellow managers. Hear what they had to say and what we learned.

VII. Personal & Corporate Development

Tammy Taylor, our Director of Installation and Training, was very excited to share about a great presentation by Robb Zbierski titled Train Your Brain for Success. You can find more information about Freedom Personal Development and their products here.

VIII. Where to Find VRM Next

Connie announced that VRM will be attending the 2019 VRMA International Conference in New Orleans. She also let our listeners know that VRM will be holding a VRM-University User Session in Orlando, FL during mid-November.

IX. What's Next for VRM Insider

Do you love VRM Insider? Our next webinar is May 9, 2019 at 2:00PM EST with a special guest from Rental Guardian. This webinar is focused on how vacation rental managers, their vacation rental management software, and the travel insurance company can work together. This is a time for you to pick up a few tips and tricks. 

For later this summer, VRM Insider will host a panel discussion about emergency management and what the vacation rental manager needs to do to prepare. 

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VRM Key Takeaways from the 2019 VRMA Spring Forum | Virtual Resort Manager

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