Our Best Instagram Marketing Secrets Revealed

Yesterday was so fun! I did a post webinar recap with Connie and said I am so excited that so many people came and asked me questions. Most of you may not know that yesterday was our 21st episode of Tea with Brittany Lea (which is absolutely shocking to me). So a couple of fun things happened yesterday as well. Tracy Sanderson, my very dear friend for over 5 years, came online and hosted the FIRST ever, Tea with Brittany Lea takeover. I have to say I need to thank all my previous guests for their hard work on these webinars. They have made Tea with Brittany Lea possible with their lovely slide decks and awesome energy! It was hard work getting the slide deck together and live but I am so glad I did! It was a blast teaching all of this info to you guys! If you want my slide deck you can download it below! 😉

Get The Slides Here

One other really great thing we did in the webinar yesterday was cover all the completely banned and partially banned hashtags. I have made a complete list of banned hashtags on Instagram, as well as given you a list of 45 of the BEST travel hashtags to get you started right now! You can download that below!

Get the 45 Best Travel Hashtags List

Instagram Marketing Services Announced

That is right, we have officially launched our Instagram Marketing services through the Virtual Resort Manager marketing team! I know, exciting right? If you want to get our marketing team to help with your marketing efforts on Instagram, all you have to do is email marketing@vrmgr.com and we will be more than happy to get to work with you. We see success month after month with our social media clients and we would love to help you make sales online and increase followers and engagement!

Watch the Recap:

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