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The Faces Behind Virtual Resort Manager

As a company, Virtual Resort Manger (VRM) has the privilege of serving over 100 software clients and 17 marketing clients. Because of the virtual space in which our vacation management software business operates, many of our employees and clients never come face to face. Email, tele-conferences, virtual meetings, phone calls, help tickets...these are all a part of our daily operations at VRM. This keeps most of our vacation rental management clients from getting to know our staff.

As a team, we decided that it would be a great idea to offer a monthly "Employee Spotlight" Blog, where you get to put a face with a name. It also gives you a chance to learn a little bit more about the people behind VRM, and hear a few details about their life and work. 

Meet Pete Wenk of VRM

To start this blog series off on the right foot, we would like to preset to you....Pete Wenk, our fearless leader here at VRM. Pete is the CEO and President of Virtual Resort Manager, and has been here since it's conception as a vacation rental management software company in 2002. VRM has been through many changes over the last 15 years, and Pete has seen them all. Through it all, two things remains consistent:  Pete is dedicated to providing first-class service to every Virtual Resort Manager client, and to create an environment of growth and challenge for each employe. 

Over the last year, Pete has begun to transition daily operation responsibilities to other key team members. However, Pete is still very much an active leader and team member. From client relations and acquisition to overseeing the company as whole, Pete plays a vital role at VRM.

Be sure to take few minutes and watch the video below about Pete Wenk. Even if you have known Pete for years, you may learn something new about him!!

A Word About Pete

In order to give you an deeper look at Pete, we asked VRM's Director of Marketing and Website Services, Connie Hutchins, to give us a quote. Her words regarding Pete Wenk are more of a story....a story about relationship and community. We think that speaks volumes about who Pete is as a person, a business owner and a boss! 

I have worked with Pete since 1992, and he’s very much been a mentor to me. He can have high expectations at times...and that is a good thing as it causes us to be our best. I’m still around because I like working for a small company, and I like working for someone who genuinely cares about his customers and his employees. One of my favorite stories is about the time back in the early 90’s when there was a fire in the Croatan Forest. The fire was getting dangerously close to one of our employee’s home, and Pete shut down the entire print shop, rented a big yellow Rider truck, and sent all of us to her home to be ready to pack her and her family up and move all of their belongings to safe territory. It turned out it wasn’t necessary...but we were all there just in case and getting paid for it as well.

We Invite You to Meet The VRM Team

Be sure to tune in the first week of every month, as we feature our VRM VIP's! From the team leaders, to the training department, to the bloggers...get to know our amazing team of dedicated employees! We are excited to get to know you, our wonderful clients, as well.

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