What You Need to Know about The Exciting Features Coming in 2018

We have been busy busy here at VRM making new software features we KNOW you will LOVE! SO... as our early valentine to you this year Johnathan Hickman will be joining us to cover all those features and what you can expect for the rest of 2018 from your friends at VRM!

This webinar was a first of its kind. Jonathan Hickman and I decided to forgo slides and only use our web cams. Our hope was that you guys would get to know us a little bit more one-on-one with this format. It was a really fun experience and you can definitely expect to see more webinars like this in the future. 

I also announced that in 2018 I will host our first ever on site live Tea with Brittany Lea hosted by one of our partners, right in their office. Make sure you stay tuned to our Tea with Brittany Lea page for more information about that coming in May!

Watch the Recap Here:

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