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How to Take Care of Yourself When You Work at a Desk All Day

If you work a desk job, whether from home or in an office, you already know it's not the healthiest thing to do for 8 hours a day. Being sedentary and sitting for hours is not good for the body or the mind. The good news is that you can make changes that are good for ... View the full post »

VRM Insider, What You Need to Know About VRM Version 7.0

Part of being your vacation rental software company is continuously updating our product to bring you the best software possible.We are excited to announce the upcoming release of VRM Admin Console Version 7.0. In order to prepare all users for this release, we are p... View the full post »

What Do Vacation Rental Guests Really Want? Find Out Here!

In this day and age of ever-changing vacation accommodation options, it's really important to know what matters to vacation rental guests—and what keeps them coming back year after year as a return guest. They drive the business, so why wouldn't you want insight... View the full post »

VRM Insider, Discover How VRMA is Helping You Through Advocacy and Industry Resources

Did you know that as your vacation rental software provider, we are committed to helping our industry? Our parent company, Inhabit IQ, has worked tirelessly with the team at the Vacation Rentals Managers Association (VRMA) to create a specific program that advocates for t... View the full post »

Top 10 Time Management Tips to Help Boost Your Productivity

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but how we spend those seconds, minutes, and hours is a personal decision. Time management is a much-talked about topic in the business world. We're all trying to figure out how best to balance our workload with the allotted tim... View the full post »

VRM Insider, Using Guest Screening and Insurance to Recruit Homeowners and Protect Direct Bookings

As your vacation rental software company, it is our goal to integrate with support tools, products, and services that will curate the business model that is right for you. If guest screening, risk assessment, and protecting your owners and yourself is important to yo... View the full post »

How Readiness Manager Vacation Rental Housekeeping Software Can Ease Your Workload

Are you working harder than you need to be when it comes to managing the turn-over of vacation rentals and all the tasks associated with the property management process such as housekeeping, maintenance, inspectors, and third-party vendors? It's time to ease your work... View the full post »

VRM Insider, Boost OTA Updates for VRM Clients

Many of our vacation rental software clients have recently made the switch to Bluetent's Rezfusion Boost for OTA channel management. Like with any change, there has been a learning curve along with updates that will optimized how the Boost product works with the VRM s... View the full post »

Inspirational Spring Quotes to Get You in a Travel State of Mind

Here at VRM, we are always thinking about vacations! Sometimes it's our own, but most often it's for the clients we serve. We are in the vacation rental software business and travel industry, so we have a passion for vacations— and the importance of them in our ... View the full post »

VRM Insider, Automating Operations to Deliver Hospitality Rental Experiences with Breezeway

There is no doubt that the events of last year accelerated the trends around quality service, safety, and professionalism within the vacation rental industry. In fact, at a recent Breezeway conference, 94% of participants said that they plan to focus on safety in 2021. Th... View the full post »

VRM Insider - 4 Easy Ways to Up Your Social Media Game

At VRM, we are constantly striving to be more than just your average vacation rental software company. We want to give you productive tools for success in a variety of areas of your business.Tracy and Chantal from our Marketing Team have teamed up for this month's VRM... View the full post »

VRM Insider, New Year, New 1099 Updates for VRM Clients

Guess what time it is?! It's tax time! That mean that it is time to update all our vacation rental software clients on what's new with 1099's. In our January edition of VRM Insider, we are focusing on 1099 and other tax document updates that you need to k... View the full post »

December VRM Monthly Marketing Planner and Free Desktop Wallpaper Calendars

Welcome to December 2020! It is officially the last month of the year and the holidays are in full swing. For most people, the next few weeks will fly by at lightning speed. Help the holiday season linger a little longer with this beautiful (and free) desktop wallpaper ca... View the full post »

November VRM Monthly Marketing Planner and Free Desktop Wallpaper Calendars

Well folks, we have made it to month number eleven out of twelve in 2020. The air has turned a little cooler. Leaves are falling. Thanksgiving plans are being made. Excitement builds as we turn the corner into the holiday season. More than anything, this lovely time ... View the full post »

October VRM Monthly Marketing Planner and Free Desktop Wallpaper Calendars

Are you ready for pumpkin spice and everything nice? If not, you better get ready. It's OCTOBER!! It is hard to believe that we are officially in the last quarter of the year... in the downward stretch towards 2021. As your vacation rental software provider, we h... View the full post »