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10 Travel Quotes That Will Make You Ready for a Vacation

What is the next best thing to a vacation?? How about a vacation quote? Here at Virtual Resort Manager, we are delighted to offer vacation rental software to an industry that is fun and exciting. After all, we get to be a part of giving people much needed vacations to f... View the full post »

How to Be Prepared for Natural Disaster with Our Vacation Rental Software Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of an emergency preparedness article from your vacation rental software company. If you didn't catch Part 1, be sure to read through helpful tips and tricks for what your vacation rental management business can do to be prepared BEFORE an emergency s... View the full post »

How You Can Easily Reach 100 Million New Renters This Month

Yesterday we had a fun time talking with Paula Bushey of BookingPal. She taught us how BookingPal can help you get in front of over 100 Million new potential renters each month! This is one of the most exciting parts of what we do. Getting your properties the exposure ... View the full post »

How to Be Prepared for Natural Disaster with Our Vacation Rental Software

The last few years has brought countless emergencies and natural disasters that have affected many areas of the United States. We know that vacation rental management companies and their guests can be greatly affected by storms, flooding, fires, power outages, and more. A... View the full post »

How to Get the Most Out of Your Vacation Rental Software

Have you ever wondered, "Am I getting the most I can from my vacation rental software?" Today, we are going to give you five tips for maximizing your work flow while minimizing your effort in the Virtual Resort Manager system. Here at VRM, we know that your ... View the full post »

Announcing the Airbnb Integration That Will Make You Smile & Increase Profit

To say yesterday's webinar went well is an understatement! We had record registrations as we as a record number of questions! Now I know that Airbnb is a bit of a sensitive subject with some of our clients and we were asked if this integrations was mandatory, the ... View the full post »

How to Set Up the Perfect Money Making Email Campaign (in under an hour!)

Everyone knows that email marketing is an excellent way to increase your ROI with minimum expense and time. Our vacation rental software has many email function elements built into our program, but you may still opt to use other email services such as Con... View the full post »

The Best VRM Reports you Didn't Know about and How to use them!

Vacation Rental Management Reporting that will Blow Your Mind!  Did you know we have well over 2,000 reports in the VRM system? It's True! Ever wondered what reporting you are missing out on at VRM? We have tons reports th... View the full post »

Social Media Tips From Your Vacation Rental Software Company

Social Media! Two words that people either love or loath. Despite how you feel about social media, it is a necessary tool for your business. Here at Virtual Resort Manager, we pride ourselves on being the best vacation rental software company in the business... View the full post »

Meet Michael Hill: Vacation Rental Management Software Developer

The Faces Behind Virtual Resort ManagerAs we continue in our "Employee Spotlight" series, we are excited to introduce you to the hard working employees here at Virtual Resort Manager. There are many faces behind the company that brings you the best vacation rental managem... View the full post »

How to Know Our Vacation Rental Accounting Software is Right For You

When it comes to rental property software, there are quite a few choices for you and your business. One of our main goals here at Virtual Resort Manager is that we are the right vacation rental management software for our clients. We want to be the right fit for you from t... View the full post »

The Best Tool to See What Your Competition is Doing (and a FREE bonus!)

To say that this webinar was EPIC would really be understating how i felt about today's webinar. We had a great time talking with Daniel Leifeld and Rob Johnson today about Key Data Dashboard and how they are absolutely revolutionizing data in the vacation rental world... View the full post »

How to Schedule Facebook Shares to Skyrocket Your Reach

As a vacation rental management business, part of your marketing strategy is to get your brand in front of as many people as possible. One of the easiest ways that you can do that is by creating your own content for social media or by sharing someone else's content to... View the full post »

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Advertising Dollars With PPC

As a vacation rental software company and an industry marketing service, we love bringing you valuable and relevant information. Advertising your business cannot only be expensive, but it can also be challenging. Today we are diving into the subject of putting your advert... View the full post »

5 Things You Need to Know About Email Marketing to Increase Profit

Could you use $17,000 extra dollars? That is our most recent client win here in the marketing department with Email marketing! We started a brand new email campaign for a client and in 3 emails we had made them over $17,000! Get Tracy's Tips on how she did it below!&... View the full post »