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VRM Guest Portal Experience and Why it Matters

Join us for an in-depth overview of VRM’s Guest Portal. Christian Hillebrand, VRM’s Director of QA, will be walking you step-by-step through the specifics of this amazing piece of functionality. He will be mapping out the customizations available and educating user... View the full post »

5 Must Haves for Your Vacation Rental Accounting Solution

Are you a vacation rental owner or property manager looking to streamline your financial management processes? Join us for an informative webinar titled "5 Must-Haves for Your Vacation Rental Accounting Solution" and discover the essential features and functionalities that y... View the full post »

How VRM Clients Can Enhance Revenue and Guest Experience with DACK

In the competitive vacation rental industry, providing unique and personalized experiences is essential to stand out from the crowd. Property managers are always on the lookout for innovative tools that can enhance their offerings and streamline operations. In this blog post,... View the full post »

Leveraging VRM for Best Practices on Your Direct Booking Website

Is your direct booking website maximizing all its potential using the features available within the VRM software? We partnered with the digital marketing and website experts at Bluetent who helped us dive into the most critical features within the VRM platform that you sho... View the full post »

VRM Insider: The VRM Pace Report Enhancement

At VRM, we are always one the hunt for ways to make improvements to our vacation rental software. We recently released new Pace Comparison Report that you are going to love. The new enhancements are for both short-term and seasonal rental. They provide a benchmark for how... View the full post »

VRM Insider, See What VRM Clients Are Saying About Their Revenue Management Solution

It is always a great day when we get to hear from one of our vacation rental software clients about their experience with a partner integration product. That is exactly what happened during this webinar! Our friend and client, Miller Hawkins (owner of Booe Realty and imme... View the full post »

VRM Insider, Revenue Management is About to Get Even Better

Join us for an in-depth look at the exciting new services from RevMax. RevMax, a full-service revenue management solution, is now available to VRM users. As your vacation rental software provider, we are always looking for cutting edge technology we think will benefit our... View the full post »

How We Grow: The Vacation Rental Show

Announcing How We Grow: The Vacation Rental Show Podcast Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating what you love. That’s why this year, we’re announcing the launch date of a project that’s been a true labor of love.  We’re excited to announce that ... View the full post »

5 Great Ways to Encourage Your Guests to Book Direct

This blog post was originally published on 2/1/2019. It was updated on 2/7/2023.People are constantly traveling and with travel, comes the need for somewhere to stay. With so many third-party websites providing vacation rentals, it’s easy for vacationers to get overwhelmed... View the full post »

VRM Insider, Rental Guardian’s Homeowner Protection Plan Offers Protection and Added Value for 2023

If you are ready to take your owner acquisition to the next level, then you are going to want to check out the VRM partnership with Rental Guardian's Fort Fiji Homeowner Protection Program (HPP). This new program not only offers added value for your business in 2023, ... View the full post »

2023 Travel Quotes from Sea to Shining Sea

Quote lovers, travel enthusiasts, and music lovers from all of the United States are going to LOVE these state inspired sayings and songs. As your vacation rental software provider, we love to take a step back from the seriousness of software and offer something a little ... View the full post »

VRM Insider, 1099 Updates That You Need to Know

Welcome to VRM's annual 1099 update. The 2022 tax year has brought several changes to 1099s, and we want to take the opportunity to walk you through them. As your vacation rental software provider, it is our job to keep you updated on such changes so that your tax sea... View the full post »

Free Printable Left Right Christmas Game, Vacation Rental Management Edition

When we sat down to think about what be the RIGHT gift for you this holiday season... and what might make your life a little easier (and fun), we tried to think about something that each our clients would be doing. We immediately knew that you would each be throwing your ... View the full post »

Easy DIY Holiday Gift, Free Wine & Gift Tag Printables

Happiest of holidays from all of us at Virtual Resort Manager. As you vacation rental and property management software provider, we are thrilled to offer you a gift this holiday season. We know that you are super busy this time of year, and we wanted to give you something... View the full post »

Free Printable Thanksgiving Craft, Paper Fortune Cookies

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! As we begin to think about closing out another year, it is important to take a moment to reflect on what it is we are thankful for... and to take the opportunity to express our appreciation to others through simple gestures and rand... View the full post »