How to Make the Most of Your Off Season

This month's VRM Insider was great! We pack our webinar full of awesome tips and tricks for our vacation rental management software clients. Lauren Schreckengost and Chantal Maddocks joined Tracy Sanderson to cover a wide variety of topics intended to set your company up for success. 

Take advantage of your off season by identifying several ways to save money, increase revenue, streamline processes, and increase team moral. Be ready for your 2020 reservation season.

Now is the time to make changes. Whether you want to start using Readiness Manager or implement eChecks, those changes should be done/set up as soon as possible. You will want the learning curve and any kinks behind you so that you are ready to roll before your high booking season or your busy summer season. 

You are going to want to allow for plenty of time for testing any new systems, integrations, or processes and to train your team. If you have a question about how long your team would need to make certain changes or what to expect, please email us at [email protected].

Watch the video replay below for a full recap of the webinar.

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Here is what was covered, along with helpful resources, 

links, and a time stamp:

Setting Up Readiness Manager (5:09)

Knowledge Base Article:  Readiness Manager

Knowledge Base Article:  Vendor Portal

eChecks (16:49)

PDF Flyer

Setting Up Direct Deposit (25:12)

Knowledge Base Article:  Electronic File Transfer

Digital Marketing (30:18)

VRM Blog Post:  How to Improve ROI with Email Marketing

Contact the VRM Marketing Team

Integrations & Partners (55:34)

Setting Up Welcome Home (57:50)

VRM Blog Post:  How to Use Welcome Home Messaging to Improve Guest Communication

Knowledge Base Article:  Welcome Home

Team Building (1:05:29)

Set Goals & Create an Action Plan (1:11:02)

Come See Us (1:13:50)

If you would like more information on ANY of the items that were covered in this webinar, please email us at [email protected]

As one of our vacation rental management software clients, we want to hear from you! Of the various topics featured, which would you like to hear more about? Is there an item that you would like us to focus on during an upcoming VRM Insider? Click the button below to take a quick poll. We need your input!

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